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What We Do


If you want to be a more effective and influential leader in work and life, you’ve come to the right place.

The new bottom line is:
You must connect to more of who you are in order to lead & transform the people, companies and causes you care about.

How do we help you get there?

No matter where you are on the leadership frameworks below, we use cutting-edge research techniques, powerful coaching methods and game-changing training programs to make your transition to 21st Century globally-minded leadership practical, powerful and POSSIBLE.

For growth-oriented leaders:

The Inventive Links Innovation Arc


For systems thinkers:



We typically deliver solutions for
1) leaders & teams in transitional chaos and in search of sustainable success.
2) organizations or business units unsettled by change and yearning to play a bigger game on the global stage.
3) entrepreneurs & business owners who are looking for that elusive piece of the puzzle that takes them from good to unstoppable.

In short, if you find yourself asking questions like ‘SO WHAT?’ or ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’, especially if these questions carry a deep & soul-searching quality to them,  then you’ve landed in the right place.


About Maya Mathias

Maya MathiasInventive Links was founded by Maya Mathias, a serial and successful life & career experimenter turned leadership & innovation coach.

Maya is a globe-trotting business warrior who’s managed teams of all shapes and sizes for Fortune 100 brands, across 3 continents (America, Asia & Europe) and over 3 decades.

After nearly 2 decades as a sought-after in-house corporate marketer and trainer, Maya is now focused on helping leaders drive change, innovation and leadership where it matters.

Maya brings curiosity, authenticity, international flair and passion to all she does.  Words fascinate her – she celebrates them through professional speaking, training, content strategy, editing, writing, acting, improvisational theatre and singing.  Her latest book is ‘Unleash Your InnoMojo‘, a primer for 21st Century innovation skills.