Maya’s got a great blend of practicality, spiritual wisdom and a nurturing, healing kindness that has been excellent in our coaching together.

Suzanne Falter

Best-selling self-help author, speaker, and singer

I’ve known Maya for many years, on different continents, in a variety of capacities. The consistent thread: I consider Maya to be a hands-down “go-to” source for solving can’t-fail problems and/or accelerating strategically vital projects. She considers well both the organizational and human elements that ensure positive change is achieved. Everyone loves working with Maya because she brings contagious passion, a sense of humor, brilliant creativity, focused smarts, sincere empathy, and … oh yeah, she delivers results that surpass expectation. Maya is now focused on helping others drive change, innovation and leadership — because those are second nature to Maya and thankfully she is now sharing her gifts!

Heidi Lorenzen

Chief Marketing Officer, Silicon Valley

Maya is an extremely effective coach. I continue to be amazed by her intuition and ability to identify the core underlying beliefs that are creating the limitations in my life. She has been able to quickly move me to action, so I can start achieving what I desire in my life and my organization. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make dramatic changes in their life!

Kim Miramontes

SVP, Operations & Administration at Shuffle Master

Maya through her work has proven to be a strong contributor and extremely dependable. She shows tremendous initiative and brings a positive attitude even in trying times.

Michael Therrien

Michael lived and worked in Asia for 10 years. He’s now a Senior Manager in Demand Programs, WW working at IBM in Armonk, NY.

She is constantly enthusiastic about every project she works on, and she brings an energy and optimism to everyone else on her teams. She’s no lightweight though… Maya has a keen strategic mind, with a great understanding of what motivates consumers, and how you can leverage that motivation through unique communications solutions.

Jay Shapiro

Chairman (retired), BLUE Group at WPP

Maya did a terrific job of jumping in and working with players she didn’t know during a demanding night of improv.

Rafe Chase

Improviser, 3 For All & BATS Improv, San Francisco

Maya is a true professional and expert web consultant. Her methodical approach to business problems allows Maya to take into consideration all angles and recommend informed solutions that solve real world problems.

Sue Bowman

Web & Digital Marketing Leader

Maya is a strategic marketer, communicator and leader with a heart. Working with her was always a true delight – she is patient, open to different points of view, and always clear with her instructions. Her work also clearly exhibits her understanding of not just interactive media but of the client’s business ensuring that final results are not just fancy show pieces but work that delivers measurable results for clients.

Audrey Seah

Theology student by day. Digital marketer by night.