This is your time.
To lead, inspire and innovate.

Are you ready to say YES?

If you’re ready to claim your role as a successful and fulfilled modern-day leader, then you’ll love discovering your Lead FIRST Index with me.

This tool is designed to:

– Reveal how likely you are to succeed as a 21st Century leader

– Uncover areas where you’re sabotaging your chances for that success in work and life

– Help you finally have the impact that you want and the income that you deserve as a career professional

The tool includes:

– A 20 to 30 minute online assessment, followed by

– A 60-minute discovery and action planning session with me (via phone or Skype)



Your investment today: $250
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In less than 2 hours, you’re going to walk away with:


  • More clarity on where you are on your leadership journey and where you want to take it
  • Specific insights into why you think and behave the way you do now, and how that is affecting your ability to lead
  • Tangible next steps to catapult your impact and influence as a business leader and innovator



The Lead FIRST Index is part of my powerful 5-step Lead FIRST framework, an approach that has helped my clients infuse their leadership with more grace, confidence and conviction.


  • Be FEARLESS: How to amplify your courage despite the fears you show up with when you lead
  • Be INVENTIVE: Knowing where and how to use your innovation strengths
  • Be RESILIENT: Building the muscle that helps you get back up again when leadership challenges knock you down
  • Be STRATEGIC: Putting the pieces of the puzzle into place for yourself, your company and the industry you work in
  • Be TRUTH-SEEKING: How to get to the heart of the matter and deal with issues head on

Here’s what some of my clients and connections say:

(Maya has) a brilliant way of quickly summarizing meta-data. Love it.”

– Martin Fox
(Award-winning author, speaker and visionary leadership mentor)

“I continue to be amazed by (Maya’s) intuition and ability to identify the core underlying beliefs that are creating limitations in my life.  She has been able to quickly move me to action, so I can start achieving what I desire in my life and my organization.”

– Kim Miramontes
(Senior Vice President of Operations)

“After just one session I was able to see more clearly how to proceed and start to overcome a professional issue I had been struggling with.”

– Alusha Mamchak
(PhD in Immunology, Academic & Industry Scientist)


Your investment today: $250
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Ready to invest in a Lead FIRST Index for yourself? Or do you still have a few questions?

What if I don’t learn anything new?

I’m a lifelong , personality test-taking junkie!  And when I experienced the Lead FIRST Index (assessment portion) for myself, I was stunned at how much it revealed about the way I lead and show up in work and life.  My clients have had similar experiences too.  I guarantee that you will have at least one, if not several, a-ha moments.

Why should I invest in the Lead FIRST Index when there are so many other tools out there?

I hear you.  In fact, the leadership development space is full of tools, books and frameworks that don’t always pay off.  I should know.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on hit-and-miss solutions, and many trial-and-error years in leadership roles figuring out what does and doesn’t work.  With the Lead FIRST Index, you get a 2-for-1 deal: an assessment based on cutting-edge research that’s designed to get to the heart of your leadership challenges, PLUS 60-minute access to my lifetime (i.e. more than 20 years) of global leadership triumphs and lessons.  I typically charge several hundred dollars an hour for my time, so this investment is phenomenal value whichever way you look at it.

What if I’m not a leader or innovator (at work)?  How is this relevant to me?

Then this is the perfect tool to start you on the right leadership & innovation track!  Plus, I’ll be excited to work with you because you’ll have fewer bad leadership habits to unlearn 🙂

With the insights that you get from the assessment results and the 1-on-1 discovery session with me afterwards, you will be in prime position to start identifying and taking on more leadership roles at work.

What if I’m not ready (to change)?

If you’re truly comfortable with the status quo, then we’re probably not going to be a good fit.

But if there’s a part of you that’s sick and tired of being sick and tired, and that’s yearning for a bigger and more fulfilling role at work, listen to it.  Pay attention to that yearning – it represents something that the Lead FIRST Index can help bubble to the surface and get you more clarity on.

Your inner voice already knows what the answer is.  Take the next step to honor its word, and discover your Lead FIRST Index with me today.

Your investment today: $250
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