Leaders who changed their thinking

One of the hardest things to do as a leader, as a human being, is to see the world outside us and be changed by it. Here are some leaders who found a way.

NYT-leaders-gay-marriageAs we continue to parse out the rights and wrongs of this most recent SCOTUS ruling, here’s a thought-provoking feature on how some leaders changed their thinking on same-sex marriage.

What strikes me most is how varied their experiences are, and yet how these diverse experiences led them to embrace similar conclusions, from what were sometimes extremely conservative and traditional starting points.

The most important takeaway for me is not whether gay marriage is a good or bad thing. What matters is that we, as a human species, are able to lean in to each other and listen, really listen, to the deeper heartbeat and truth of what some marginalized groups are fighting for, to see the common ground between their yearnings and ours, and then to allow ourselves to be changed in the process. Humbly, honorably, and with grace.

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