Dear leader,

Thanks for your interest in the Inner Peace Project (IPP), a program I developed to nourish our inner courage and conviction, in order to meet the complexities of our modern world.

IPP has now grown into a larger, deeper mission, to cultivate cause-driven leaders on their rewarding but challenging path through life.

What’s in a cause?

Sometimes, we choose our cause. More often, our cause chooses us.

We stumble into the causes we champion, often through life-changing or deeply painful moments that unleashed a desire to do more good. The change we seek is not just a thing we do, it’s an extension of who we are. It’s often a spirited embodiment of our personal healing, the final stage of a journey where we’ve turned that pain into a purpose that serves our companies, communities or countries.

And I believe that cause-driven leaders like us need a community to serve and support us on that journey.

Your community of refuge, renewal and reconnection to what matters

I’ve developed Peaceful Pioneers as a place where our collective leadership potential can be nourished on multiple dimensions – intellectually, emotionally, spiritually – and where we can be seen and cherished for our unique voice and contribution.

I invite you to add Peaceful Pioneers to your life, leadership, and cause.



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