Good Leadership Stories = Good Strategy

storytelling-once-uponYou’ve probably heard about the importance of corporate storytelling, as a way to connect with and engage your team and employees.

What are the deeper reasons to embrace storytelling at work, and how do you make it fit your strategic priorities?

There are broader trends at play…

Corporate storytelling didn’t just come out of nowhere, based on someone’s whim and fancy.

It’s a result of recent social and economic trends that call on business leaders to show up differently.

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3 ways a good story can help you as a business leader

1. It communicates your strategy

The best stories have a moral.  In business, this often equates with your strategy ie. the reason for the story.  Picking the right story, at the right time, for your employees or customers can communicate your strategy in a powerful and memorable way.

2. It demonstrates your purpose

When you’re internally aligned and know what matters to you as a leader or human being, stories allow you to share your motivations for why you do what you do.  The more you choose to reveal about your truth through your stories, the more your employees will rally behind you through thick and thin.

3. It builds your legacy

Every great orator has mastered the art of telling a memorable story.  When you tell a good story as a business leader, it will help your legacy reverberate for generations.  Just think about Steve Jobs’ ‘Think Different’ television ad.  More than an elegant demonstration of great storytelling, it continues to illuminate his life and career legacy years after his untimely demise.

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