How To Control Your Growing Company

iStock_BulbsOnStalks_Small_Company growth and innovation are probably high on your agenda as a globally-minded leader.

You understand the need to innovate in order to stay abreast or one step ahead of your competitors.

But how much is too much?  Where do you draw the line between what changes and what needs to be controlled?

Control vs. Creativity

A business still needs fundamental processes and systems to function well and deliver on its promises.  Social media, technology and new business models may hold the potential to radically elevate your company, but some things need to stay constant, so that your employees know how and when to innovate.

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3 Ways To Strike A Balance Between Control and Creativity

1. Strategic policies

Control: In how you define, evolve, communicate and live by your company’s vision, values, mission and goals

Creativity: In how those policies are adapted for out-of-the-ordinary local office needs or high-value customer priorities

2. Quality standards

Control: In how you produce, track and distribute your products/services

Creativity: In how those processes can be continually optimized over time

3. Delivery/communication procedures

Control: In how to interact with customers and stakeholders (e.g. non-negotiable attitudes and behaviors that reflect your company’s brand)

Creativity: In how each interaction actually unfolds (e.g. mindfully recruiting, training, empowering and then trusting your employees to do the right thing by your company, and for your customer)


Did you like this article?  What do you seek to balance in the way you control and motivate your company as it grows and innovates?  I’d love to read your stories and comments – do share them below!

Till our next vlog post…have an inventive week ahead.

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