Coaching-On-Demand Programs

Just-in-time coaching.  Just right for you.

  • Are you in constant flux as you grow, merge or streamline your life plans or business operations?
  • Feel like you don’t have the luxury of waiting for months before your coaching investment pays off?
  • Do you feel pressure to improve your communication lines, your life line or your bottom line, FAST?

When the you-know-what hits the fan, the last thing on your mind is a 3-day training workshop, or coaching sessions that stretch out for months on end.

‘Cos you just want to learn some ‘keep calm and dream big’ tactics that will get you out of the hole you’ve unexpectedly found yourself in. 

I know you understand the importance of these more-involved programs, but when a leadership dilemma hits you squarely between the eyes, all you want is quick and precise help to nip your challenge in the bud, before things start to REALLY get out of hand.



The thing is…your boss, coworker, friend or significant other can’t always offer you what you need to untie that tricky leadership knot.

So, who you gonna call?

Last time I looked, 1800-problem-busters didn’t exist.

It’s kinda like you’re having a medical emergency, and the triage nurse has conveniently decided to vacate their post.

I know the feeling.  There were SO many times in the course of my career when I wished I’d had an objective ear to speak into, and a wise mind to learn from.

And, through the years, I’ve spent many an hour mentoring and coaching my junior team members out of their leadership uh-ohs.

That’s precisely what inspired me to develop these coaching-on-demand programs.

Instead of wanting to run for the nearest exit, or deciding to quit your freakin’ pain-in-the-butt job because it just isn’t worth it anymore, or saying & doing something that you might later regret; our coaching-on-demand calls will help you see the bigger picture of what’s going on, talk you away from your emotional bursting point and settle you back into a state of being that can come up with solutions that feel good and right in your bones.

When we’ve had a coaching-on-demand call, you can then re-enter the fray with a fresher perspective, a steadier heartbeat and a firmer resolve about what to do next.

And because I always reserve some time on my calendar just for my coaching-on-demand clients, chances are that we’ll be able to talk within 24 hours of you contacting me.  Which means you get support when you want it, not weeks or months later when it could feel like too little, too late.

Most of all, instead of feeling like it’s you against the world whenever a leadership challenge shows up in your life, investing in a coaching-on-demand program offers you objective & loving support that you can trust and lean into.

In the few years and many projects that I have worked on with Maya, I have NEVER seen her lose her cool or that cheery smile on her face. She is constantly enthusiastic about every project she works on, and she brings an energy and optimism to everyone else on her teams.

Jay Shapiro

Chairman (retired), BLUE Group at WPP

The magic of Maya is her mastery of bringing out the best in everyone to become a part of a highly effective team. We all need a Maya in our team, in our organization.

Darwin Antipolo

Digital Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific

Maya, thanks for the call today. It was amazingly helpful. The impartial, comprehensive, and non-judgmental feedback will go a long way to help me (and us as a couple) to move to the next phase of our healing and moving forward in life productively.

Alex W.

Choose a package below that’s right for you and let me take you through your uh-ohs into your a-has.  Develop the leadership skills you need to come up smelling like roses and feeling like a million bucks.


Single Session
  • One 30-minute laser coaching session
  • Great for dealing with tricky leadership dilemmas as & when they occur
  • Book slots as you go on our calendar & get a coaching session within 24 hours (Monday to Friday), subject to availability


5-Session Pack
  • A 5-pack of 30-minute laser coaching sessions
  • Valid for 3 months
  • Great for working through short-term leadership dilemmas
  • Book slots as you go on our calendar & get a coaching session within 24 hours (Monday to Friday), subject to availability


Team Pack
  • Excellent for teams in transition or constant flux
  • 3, 6 or 12-month packages available
  • Coaching is done 1:1, with group-dynamic insights provided as they emerge
  • Schedule an Intro Call with us to discuss next steps