What IS The Big Deal About Social Media?

Social-Media-TagCloudLinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and (insert your favorite social media platform here).

What IS it about all this social media stuff?

Is social media a fad or a phenomenon?
And how much attention should you REALLY be paying to it?

Social Media – The Tool We Love To Hate

It’s easy to point the finger and view it as the root of modern workplace evil e.g. employees waste time on it, it’s something you need to check off on the marketing tactic list, it will all just blow over soon, like the hundreds of business technology fads that preceded it.

In this edition of the Inventive Links Report, we take a closer look at what social media represents, and why it matters to you as a 21st Century leader.

“On the Web, every leader is a servant leader.” – Gary Hamel via @inventivelinks Click To Tweet!

Did you like this article?  How have you embraced, or shied away from, using social media to amplify your business?  I’d love to read your stories and comments – do share them below!

Till our next vlog post…have an inventive week ahead.

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