A farmer’s wisdom

Leadership wisdom can emerge from the unlikeliest of places. Listen to this Thai farmer’s profound observations on our modern relationship to success.

NYT-leaders-gay-marriageMaybe it’s because I’ve been on a de-cluttering spree this summer, or because I’m ready to let go of even more heaviness from my past to step into a bolder future.

Either way, something told me I needed to watch this TEDx video titled ‘Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?’

And it gives me a delicious thrill to share it with you.

Before urging us to create a more civilized world by reconnecting to ourselves and each other, Jon Jandai shares his story of journeying to Bangkok in search of a university education and a ‘better life’, only to find that good life right back where he started – on the fertile plains of his childhood, in the houses he builds with his hands, and through the learning center he founded to share his special brand of self-reliance.

We may not choose to fully embrace his lifestyle choice, but there is a ton of wisdom that we can adapt for our own journey into a more peaceful and sustainable existence.

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