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“Every profound innovation is based on

an inward-bound journey,

on going to a deeper place,

where knowing comes to the surface.”

- W. Brian Arthur, leading economist & technology thinker


Maya Mathias, Founder, Inventive Links

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We don’t just train or coach for the heck of it. We incorporate previous conversations or insights each time we meet, so that you form a clear picture of yourself or your organization that integrates head, heart & instinct.


Learning Where & When You Want It

We lean on our vast experience in both leadership e-learning and eyeball-to-eyeball (or eardrum-to-eardrum) leadership coaching.  No matter where your work takes you, we are just one click or one call away.


Rocket Fuel For Your Career & Life

We live for your growth.  Our quietly powerful approach to leadership & innovation development has a curious way of sneaking up on you.  Before you know it, you’re thinking and leading like you never imagined you could.

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You don’t have to sell your soul

The best-regarded (and most fulfilled) leaders are those who value and stick to their inner convictions.  Reconnect with yours today.

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More About Maya

Praise For Maya

Maya’s got a great blend of practicality, spiritual wisdom and a nurturing, healing kindness that has been excellent in our coaching together.

Suzanne Falter

Best-selling self-help author, speaker, and singer

Maya considers well both the organizational and human elements that ensure positive change is achieved. Everyone loves working with Maya because she brings contagious passion, a sense of humor, brilliant creativity, focused smarts, sincere empathy, and … oh yeah, she delivers results that surpass expectation.

Heidi Lorenzen

Chief Marketing Officer, Silicon Valley

Maya is an extremely effective coach. I continue to be amazed by her intuition and ability to identify the core underlying beliefs that are creating the limitations in my life.

Kim Miramontes

VP, Operations & Administration at Shuffle Master

ARE YOU READY TO SOAR? Sign up for custom-tailored insights that soothe your aching soul & help you make bigger waves in work & life.